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Where Beloved Kitties Go After Extinguishing Their Ninth Life


We love our Morgan horses, it is true.  Even more than our passion for horses is our love of our feline friends.  We have been blessed through the years to have our hearts touched (and our laps warmed) by many a wonderful kittycat.

It is with heavy heart that we face the fact that these loving balls of fluff will not be with us (physically) all our lives.  They will however always be here in spirit, in our hearts, and our memories forever.  We would like to share some of those memories with you.  We hope, in this small way, they will continue to live on.
This is our beloved collection of the kitties we've lost from early-2000 to the present.



My beloved Skittle-wittle.  Such a pretty girl, such a lap cat.

Spring 2002-Fall 2003


The parrot cat who loved to ride on my shoulders; my constant companion at chore time.  He is dad and granddad to many of our current cats.

Unknown-December, 2003


She was a wild kitten that came with the house.  We caught her, tamed her and she was SO nice!

Spring 1992-Summer 2002


You could always tell when winter was here, Diamond always wanted inside then.  Smart boy!

Unknown-Fall 2002


The "official" greeter cat.  Made it her mission to meet all visitors at the drive and escort them to the door.

Unknown-Spring 2003

Red Cat

Arrived as a stray that we couldn't shoo away ~ and ended up stealing our hearts.

Unknown-November 2001



My beautiful kitten who always wanted to be brushed & who loved our dog more than anything.

August 10, 2003-July 22, 2004


Our deaf kitty who knew sign language.  Best mouser ever!

Spring 1993-December 2002

Timber; aka Timmie

Loved all the non-cat things in the world; water, car rides, dogs. Sweet, sweet boy.

June, 2004-November 14, 2004


If there was hamburger to be had, you could count on her being there.  My dear Man-rat.

August 2, 1986-September 7, 2003

Yoda; aka Yo Dah, Bug

Calm, cool, laidback, and easy going.  Very affectionate and gentle.  Nic's main squeeze.

June, 2004-May, 2005


Lacy; aka Lai Lu, or La Goo

Bird hunter elite.  Very affectionate, bashful and shy.   Giving her medicine was a challenge of a lifetime

June, 2004-June, 2005


Sprite; aka Lovin'

The best cat I ever owned.  Tough, smart, affectionate, and totally "my" cat.  She set a standard for all cats to follow.

February, 1993-June 22, 2005


Our friendly barncat turned housecat.  Her mew was as distinctive as her beautiful blue eyes.

Spring, 1992-October 10, 2005

Jubilee; Jube, Goobie

Fiesty, little ball of love.  She would sit up & catch treats in her paws like they were hands.

August 10, 2003-December 15, 2005


What an easy going, laid back kitty.  Always a good girl.  We had her for 17 years.

February 1989-February 10, 2006


Gizmo; Gizzy

Mr. Personality!  Giz was the kitty all our friends loved.  He would leap onto your shoulders from the ground.

March 15, 2005-April 30, 2006

Hunter; The Mighty Bug Hunter

My love.  Sweet, kind, friendly.  Hunter loved to go for car rides and was my constant companion.

March 15, 2005-May 8, 2006

Smokey; Smokey Joe, Mo Key No

One of the most beautiful cats I've ever had.  Very friendly and affectionate.  Loved the outdoors and was lost to it.

Spring, 2002-July 8, 2006

Cosmic; Coz, Cozzie

My midwife kitty.  She helped me deliver most of my Ancan foals.  Her beautiful face brightened my stable.

May, 1990-December 23, 2006

Sarah; SaraBearaBunny

My gorgeous, sweet, affectionate, beautiful girl.  She always slept on my computer desk and talked to me.

March 15, 2005-June 10, 2007

Bobcat; Briar

Our wonderfully friendly and affectionate stray "bobbed" tail that briefly came to share our lives.

Unknown - May 10, 2008

Ellie; Kitten Elle, Lumpy

What a character! She was always up to something fun; a beautiful cat.

Spring, 2008-April 18, 2009

Blade; Blade Runner, Blade of Grass

Personality plus! Sweet boy who would rather be outdoors than anywhere.

June, 2006 - June, 2009

Sadie; SaySadie

Born wild and it took three years to tame her, but she was very sweet and affectionate.

June, 2006 - June, 2009

Tippy; Tipper-do, TipTat

My heart-cat, my beloved kitty boy who fought the good fight but ultimately lost his battle to cancer.

February, 2001 - September, 2009

Oreo; Or-baby

Oreo was in the first litter of kittens ever born here.  She was the best hunter I ever had.  May she rest happily in fields filled with mice.

May, 1993 - November, 2009 


The first kitty that came to us after we moved to the farm. So named because only visitors saw her for weeks; like a phantom. She was a wonderful kitty that we loved almost 20 years.  Oreo, shown to her left, is her daughter.

1992 - November, 2010


Rescued from an IL Morgan horse farm as an aged kitty, Charlie was comedic in his behavior.  Suffering from a life-long respiratory problem, we finally let him go. Rest well ol' chap.

Unknown - November, 2010

Sauske; K-boy, K

Our "Rottie cat", so named because he was so stout and robust.  He was a wonderfully loving pet that never did  anything wrong.  Lost to liver-failure.

Spring , 2008 - May 12, 2011

Rally; Ray, Sir Walter Rally

Ray was smart and loved the outdoors; hunting birds and mice.  He would jump on the screen outside my office and hang there as a means of asking for inside.  Sometimes I still can hear him doing that...

June, 2004 - September 1, 2011 

Sonic; So-Nic, Neekers, Sonn

Sonic found us in December, 2006, one day before a huge snow storm that literally shut down the state.  He decided to stay and enrich our lives with his kitty-affections.  He was a mighty mouser until his senior years when he perfected relaxing and snoozing.  Sadly, he just disappeared one day. 

Unknown - July 12, 2012

Haley; Haley-Joe-Bob, Hails

Although very affectionate, Haley wanted to be outdoors where she could hunt and watch the world go by.  She fancied herself a "tough girl".  Sadly, she just vanished one evening.

March, 2005 - June 17, 2012


Molly; Molly-Bear, Molberry, Bear, Bear-Cat

Once in awhile a special kitty comes along that will always have a piece of my heart; my kitty soul-mate.  Bear was one of those most special and "heart" kitties that I've been blessed to share my life with.  She struggled with liver failure and we finally let her go.  See you at the Rainbow Bridge my dear Bear-Cat.

June, 2003 - August 28, 2012


Kieko; Kiki, Kikomom

Sweeet kitten!  Rescued from neglectful owners as a kitten, this darling boy was never really healthy.  He suffered from autoimmune problems right from the start.  We loved him while we had him.

August, 2011 - September 5, 2012



Luck was dumped roadside as a tiny kitten.  I watched as a car went over her in the road, and watched it roll her.  She got up and ran into my yard.  She was lucky 1) for not being killed, and 2) for running into my yard.  She survived an 11 hour cancer surgery at the age of 16 and lived to be 21.  Quite a feat!

May, 1993 - October 27, 2012


Piper; Pitter-Pat

My beloved "momma" cat.  Rescued as a feral kitten, she went on to bless us with numerous kittens. She had the nicest babies!! Sweet Pitter.  She fought valiantly against cancer, but it finally took her. RIP Pat!

Spring, 2002 - December 5, 2012

Felix; Fe

Our "parrot" cat, so dubbed because he loved to jump on your back/shoulders and ride there - usually, trying to lick our faces.  A sweet, mellow, wonderful boy.   Son Matthew, rescued him from the shelter just before the sand ran out of his hour-glass.  21 years is a long time for a kitty.  We were blessed to have Fe. 

Spring, 1993 - May 29, 2014



Such a feisty girl!!  She was a classic "on the third pet, I will swat you" cat.  She showed up around Christmas, thus her name.  She refused to be an inside cat; hated it.

2013 - October, 2015

Sassy; Sassafrass

Our dear kitty with extra toes.   She blessed us with Tippy and Morgan and filled our lives with love for more than two decades.  What a beautiful, grand soul she was.

Spring, 1993 - July, 2016

Shade; ShaderAid, Raiders

I discovered Shade as a kitten in a chicken cage at a hay auction.  His eyes were goopy and he was a mess.  Didn't need another cat, but couldn't leave him.  My son Nic laid ownership to him and loved him dearly the rest of his life.

April, 2010 - September 19, 2018

Cheeto; Cheetie Wheat, Cheeto-balito

So much intelligence and personality in this little ball of fluff.  She loved hunting for bugs outdoors in the tall grass. Sweet baby, who chose granddaughter Sophia to "belong" to her. 

April, 2010 - October 25, 2018

Blizzard;  Blizzie, Blizz

One of the most uniquely beautiful cats to ever bless my life.  Sweet, friendly, awesome!

April, 2008 - August 13, 2019

Hoover, Hoey Ho, Hoove

Here is a kitty that never did a single thing wrong!  Super friendly, beautiful. One of the best cats ever!

Spring 2005 - March 15, 2020


Skylar, Sky, Sky-Guy, Wobbily Man

Unique kitty.  Sky was born feral. When inside the house, he was friendly and affectionate; loved attention.  Outdoors, you couldn't get near him.  He was deaf the last part of his life and he staggered when he walked.  He was tough; bossy with the other cats right up to the end.

May, 2006 - June 15, 2020


Ninja, Ninja Gaiden, "Toot"

We took in Ninja (then called Toot) when her owner passed from cancer in 2010.  She was a feral house cat, and it was simply destiny that we were able to crate her and bring her home from IL.  Took about 2 months for her to adjust to people, and from then on she was always very friendly and affectionate.  She greeted every visitor we had.

Spring, 2005 - June 11, 2021

Zorro, Z, Kitty Z, Zorrie Zore

The only declawed cat I ever had, Z came to us that way around the age of 7 months.  My old black dog, Allie, told me he was here.  So, I called him Zorro cause he rode in on a big black stead - to save the day.
And he was my love.  Sweet kitty.I loved how he'd nestle his head against mine and just purr.  I loved how he would gently reach out and tap me with his paw for attention.  Best kitty ever. If love could have saved him, he'd have lived forever. 

March, 2006 - November 15, 2021

Angel, Angie, Genie, GinaLean

Genie was the last of the Piper babies.  Such wonderful, beautiful , affectionate cats.  Angel was 3-legged, almost from birth on.  It didn't slow her down any.  She climbed trees, caught birds, mice, and rats; the mighty hunter.  She loved laying on pizza boxes, too!

March, 2006 - February 12, 2022

Flint, Flintie, Flintie-Flint

Flint was my "flop cat". When ever you bent over to pet him, he'd flop to the ground and let you stroke his belly.  Super sweet kitty, eyes green as grass.  He was one of 4 littermates we took in one late summer from the neighbor across the road. His sister Cali remains.  

August, 2006 - August 29, 2021




"No heaven will Heaven be, unless my cats are there to welcome me."   Author Unknown




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