~ Two Year Olds & Younger ~

My youngsters are handled every day.  They lead and tie safely.  They have their feet picked up and handled regularly and begin farrier practice between 30-60 days of age.  They are accustomed to clippers, grooming, and fly-spray.

*Please note: 

~ Prices subject to change without notice ~

~ I'm looking for the best possible fit & homes for these horses. I reserve the right to refuse a sale I determine to be incompatible.  Sorry. ~


Ancan Irreplaceable

(Ancan True Color x A Cinderella Story, by Regal Charade)

Chocolate-Palomino filly; Foaled: 5/4/2017


Laid-back, friendly, kind and willing. Lacy will be a knockout in a western pleasure class.  She is well-bred and correct in her structure.   Mature 15+hh.
Please note: This is one I would really like to retain - so I cannot guarantee I will actually part with her.  Sorry. 

Her price will increase with age.

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Ancan Riverdance

(Ancan True Color x Con-Pelled To Dance, by Menonin Flash Dancer)

Dark Chestnut filly; Foaled:  4/14/17


A gorgeous headed, correctly conformed firecracker.  She has spark and attitude and an abundance of curiosity and energy.  She is bold, confident, intelligent, and friendly.  While she has spark and attitude, she isn't "hot".  I imagine she will excel in western or hunter pleasure. Mature 14.3-15hh.  So smart and inquisitive - she's my favorite foal this year.

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Ancan Bee Blitzed

(Ancan True Color x Ancan Timeless, by Immortal Command)

Smoky black stallion,  foaled June 19, 2017


Being a smoky, "Mai Tai" will be able to pass on golden coats to all his offspring 50% of the time.   He is well-bred, soft-natured, kind, laid-back and super willing-to-please.  He is going to be breath-taking in silver!  Should mature to 15.1 or 15.2hh. 

Price will increase with age!

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Ancan Halo

(TB Midnite Summers Dream x Devonwood Decadence, by Chandel Absolut)

2016, dark bay (brown) filly


This beautiful girl reeks of confidence!  She is bold, and fearless.   High headed with spark and attitude.  Hot; but sane. Will be a very fancy english pleasure or pleasure driving mare.
So pretty and correct!  I love her!  (so much in fact, I cannot guarantee I will actually sell her.)

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