We're kicking up our heels in excitement!

2009 is going to be a great year!

Ancan Morgans

Proudly Offers You a Glimpse Into Our Future With...

 The Foals of 2009

Preview the stallions we chose to help bring us into a new decade; the sires of the 2009 babies.

Aljak's Double Whammy

(Century Free Spirit x Liberation Starbrite)

Bred To:

Second The Motion

Immortal Command

(Waseeka's In Command x UVM Vision)

Bred To:

Ancan UnBeelievable

Ancan True Colors

(Fiddler's Blackriver x Aquila's Miss Bee Haven)

Bred To:

Arboria Chantelle, AMHF Absolut Miss T,

Sinful Command, Wil O Creek Darling



  Katie's  2009  Foal

Ancan Timeless

Black Filly

Foaled:   May 4, 2009 

  Telle's  2009  Foal

Ancan Colorflash

Palomino Colt

Foaled:   April 15, 2009  ~  Sold

   Darling's  2009  Foal

Ancan Trend Setter

Buckskin Colt

Foaled:  June 6, 2009  ~ For Sale

  Sinful's  2009  Foal

Ancan Scallywag

Palomino Colt

Foaled:  April 15, 2009   ~  For Sale

   Mozie's  2009  Foal

Ancan Eye Candy

Bay Filly

Foaled:   April 29, 2009  ~  For Sale

   Miss T's  2009  Foal

Ancan Miss T Rific

Palomino Filly

Foaled:  April 21, 2009  ~  For Sale





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