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There are a few Ancan foals that I proudly bred and sold that do not have a webpage for.  That isn't a reflection of their quality nor how I felt about them, but rather that they were foaled and sold before I had a website.



  Ancan Color Matinee

  Ancan Smoke N Mirrors

  Ancan Lies And Alibis

  Ancan Have Faith

  Ancan Powers That Bee

  Ancan Thunderstruck

  Ancan True Colors

  Ancan Lil Miss Dangerous

  Ancan Heart Of Gold

  Ancan Alliance Of Danger

  Ancan Heaven Sent

  Ancan Second Fiddle

  Ancan Sensational

  Ancan Kodachrome

  Ancan Second Nature

  Ancan Regal Heir

  Ancan Destined To Bee

  Ancan Silk N Satin

  Ancan Soul Mate

  Ancan Razmataz

  Ancan Absolut Color

  Ancan Sand Piper

  Ancan Splash Of Color

  Ancan Primary Colors

  Ancan Reason To Bee

  Ancan Agent Of Fortune

  Ancan Split Second

  Ancan Charmed

  Ancan UnBeelievable

  Ancan Immortal At Last

  Ancan Ultra Special

  Ancan Bravado

  Ancan Forever & Always

  Ancan Spirit Of Chance

  Ancan Raindance

  Ancan Truly Victorious

Ancan Bee Dazzled

Ancan Hocus Pocus

  Ancan As Promised

Ancan A Cut Above

Ancan Snapshot

Ancan Ace Of Spades

  Ancan Charity

Ancan Andante

  Ancan High Jinks

Ancan Sparkler

  Ancan Infini Te

  Ancan Rumors In The Aire

  Ancan Second Chance

  Ancan Special Topic

  Ancan Cascading Colors

  Ancan Fall Colors

  Ancan True Spirit

  Ancan Butch Cassidy

  Ancan Shere Kahn

  Ancan Keepsake

  Ancan Riff Raff

  Ancan Game Boy

  Ancan Cracker Jacks

  Ancan Blonde Bombshell

  Ancan Cocoa Latte

  Ancan Color Scheme

  Ancan Black Ice

  Ancan Colorflash

  Ancan Scallywag   Ancan Miss T Rific
  Ancan Timeless   Ancan Eye Candy

  Ancan Pep Talk

  Ancan High Class
  Ancan Color Guard   Ancan Mr. Sandman
  Ancan Reason For Envy   Ancan Rhiannon
  Ancan Barn Owl   Ancan Colt Of Many Colors
  Ancan Byzy Bee   Ancan Destiny's Child
  Ancan Morning Dove   Ancan Truly
  Ancan Cosmic Colors   Ancan Pep Rally
  Ancan Speechless   Ancan Arctic Clipper
  Ancan Crayola   Ancan Halo
  Ancan Riverdance   Ancan Irreplaceable
  Ancan Bee Blitzed   Ancan Kaboom

  Ancan Cinnabon

  Ancan Remington







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